People say that those who have no aim in life are like a ship without a rudder or an envelope without an address. They are tossed to and fro by circumstances. They complain of hard times and blame their fate. It is no wonder that they cut a sorry figure in the battle of their life. There is a proverb as well which states, "You can't cross the sea mostly by standing and staring at the water."

A Great Chinese Saint Laozi said, " When you let go of what you want,  you cannot become who you are."

In my opinion, the real fear in us is that our minds cannot exist without aim. The real fear is of vacuum, the emptiness of being aimless and living ambitionless life. One can only live their life to its fullest if one has a goal. Otherwise, you cannot have the best of moments. Because when some opportunity comes, your mind is already filled with some other goals and hence couldn't make the best out of it.
Well, I think everyone has their own boat. But further you can anchor the boat in fear when the storms rage and go nowhere,  let it drift aimlessly on its own or you can let "GOD" be the navigator and guide you on a journey that is right for you.
In conclusion,  I want people not to think that if a person doesn't have an aim they can't succeed. Because we see many people have got success who were hopeless and aimless in their youth. So always inspire yourself (AIM). 
[NOTE: Hey junior, it will be difficult for you in further studies and there are people who will ask you about your aim, but don't feel bad about not having an aim. Because until and unless you struggle, you won't be successful in life. Study hard!! ]




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