COVID 19, Online Classes; Challenges and Advantages

COVID 19, Online Classes; Challenges and Advantages

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a type of virus that causes diseases in humans. It usually causes respiratory infections (in the nose, throat, or chest) that are not serious, but can sometimes cause more serious infections that can kill people. In the last two years coronavirus has brought complete changes. 

Since the lockdown we have been living  both challenging and fruitful. As a teacher, I start with the challenge that we have been facing to provide quality education to our children. We have been doing online classes where some students have not be able to attend the classes due to lack of internet. Although online classes have been a better way to conduct than no classes still some children who need special attention and care are not getting enough attention. If we talk about class tests and examinations it has been harder than conducting classes due to instant power cut. 


Online classes bring education to everyone's home. 


Now talking about the advantages, the first advantage is we have been spending more time with our families with all the love and care. Even though its online classes we can still see students being as enthusiastic as they were in classrooms, personal training in use of digital tools, flexibility in table, no need to travel also saves time. Looking at the better side, Covid-19 vaccination has played a vital role to get our lives back to normal as it used to be. 


Maintaining social distancing, following the rules ordered by the health ministry and government can lead us to better tomorrow. 


Gunjan Shahi,
Asst English Teacher,
Pre Primary Section



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