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Hey Everyone, 

I'm Dr Abhishek Arjel Dermatologist & Cosmetologist from Nepalgunj. It's a great privilege for me to say a few words.


I am working as a Skin specialist in Nepalgunj Medical College and Nepalgunj Skin Center since 2016. I graduated from  Brightland School in the year 2060, joined Himalayan White House Int'l College (Kathmandu) taking Science. Joined Nepalgunj Medical College for my MBBS in the year 2006. I completed my MBBS  in the year 2010, worked as an intern for 1 year and as a medical officer and in-charge in the Emergency Department (Nepalgunj Medical College) for nearly 2years. After that, I joined a master's degree in the Hubei University of Medicine in Dermatology and Cosmetology (2013-2016).


I remember vividly the first day at school I was excited and nervous at the same time, new place, new friends, new teachers, and new environment but honestly, the time flew by so fast.


I was 15 and had no clear vision of the future, I was too young to know what to do in life but I've had the most caring and supportive teachers and made so many friends, they were so friendly and supportive for someone new like me.


After studying here at Brightland School I've learned to communicate with people better, teachers here helped me grow and understand things better, by participating in a variety of inter-class activities.


The knowledge I earned here has made me come to the point where I am now. Today I feel like Brightland School prepared me extremely well for my future life and I'm really thankful for that. Thank you once again for this opportunity to share my experience with you all.


  • Name: Dr. Abhishek Arjel
  • Graduation Year: 2060
  • Address: Nepalgunj-10, Banke
  • Current Profession: Dermatologist & Cosmetologist