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Hello one and all. To start with I am Anand Ghising,  an English Teacher as well as  the Senior In Charge. I must say that Brightland has been my second home.  Starting my teaching career as a young man some 30+ years ago has been a wonderful experience. Grooming young boys and girls and watch them becoming  successful personalities brings undiluted happiness to us.To add to that, teaching their young ones have been even more exciting. 

Well I guess Brightland, starting from  scratch,  has today reached that stage where we all can be proud of.
Being one of the senior most teacher and having seen Brightland blooming from a tender bud to its state today I  definitely can say that it is one of the best Institution in Banke.

We in Brightland have a strong belief that the root of success is discipline before education but at the same time keeping ourselves  updated to the new generations and new technology encouraging students on how to think rather than what to think.

We believe in equality for all and we don't stand for any sort of discrimination.
Apart from the school curriculum we impart knowledge to inspire students here in Brightland.

Lastly but not the least for a holistic development of a child both parents and school plays an important role,
therefore I'd  like to emphasise on the active role of parents too. Then only we will be successful in our mission of making today's children a great citizen of the country.

Wish everyone a happy and glorious stay in Brightland.

Anand Ghising
High School Incharge


  • Name: Anand Ghising
  • Designation: High School Incharge
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  • Address: Nepalgunj-10, Banke
  • Experience: 35 Years