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Good morning /Good afternoon everyone,

I Sunil Kumar Verma is very grateful to the management of Brightland school since I was provided an opportunity to serve the institution as the teacher in a teacher in the beginning, later I was promoted to the post of Primary Section Incharge, moreover I would like to state that I had been a successful student in Brightland school for almost 13 years and passed SLC in the year 2061 B.S 

Brightland school provides an opportunity for the holistic development of a child. It provides an adequate environment to develop a child so that he/she can survive in the present world. It maintains a high level of discipline among students, teachers, parents, and even guests. As education is the foremost need of every child in the present situation so our motto is to provide education along with high-level standard discipline so that he/she can manage himself/herself through their lifetime. I heartily welcome our students, parents to Brightland school.

Brightland school is working in the field of education for more than three decades. Students of Brightland school are almost seen each and every corner of the world working in different sectors for the welfare of mankind but we all still remember our School's life, the love, and care of our teachers. We are proud to be Brightlanders.


  • Name: Sunil Kumar Verma
  • Designation: Primary Incharge
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  • Address: Nepalgunj-10, Banke