Vacation Information

Vacation Information

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope this message finds you and your family in good health.

On behalf of Brightland school family, We would like to extend greetings on the auspicious occasion of festival season.

We are grateful for all your efforts to make our students learn well in spite of this hard time. Please note  that;

1. Dashain vacation starts from 20th Ashwin. (date of starting varies to the different level)
2.  Resumption of online class (all classes) from 4th Kartik 2078 till next notification.
3. The question papers of term exam are assigned as vacation homework to the students. 
4.  Now onwards, it has become compulsory that all the students must be dressed in complete school 
    uniform (except shoes) during the online class.
5. Parents of UKG, class I and II are requested to login MS Teams, (online) and find the homework for their 
6. Parents are kindly requested to engage in completing their children homework.
7. Parents are notified that PT dress of students (Friday uniform) will be changed from this year and the set  
    of new uniform are available from the school uniform supplier after Dashain vacation (Class one above). 
    Meanwhile, parents are requested to prepare winter uniform for their child.

Thanking you


Homework for the vacation is sent in the general section of all the classes in Microsoft Teams. All the students are requested to log in to Microsoft Teams and find their homework.